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Join the blind golf Revolution

Vision-Inclusive Golf in Local Communities Around the World.

A global community of blind golf groups providing local and international experiences that enrich lives and bring lifelong benefits.

a blind golf caddy kneeling down behind a smiling and very handsome and fit blind golfer.

From local greens to international dreams

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Playing blind golf has been a game changer for me. My coach and caddy are great and I have lots of new friends.

Mai ShureLogan, Qld

Seeing my child laughing on the golf course, the joy and friendship in every game, is truly heartwarming.

Jo DonyonMother


Experience: Thai Blind Golf

Highlight Reel 3:20

Experience footage from of the first ever live TV broadcast of an International Blind Golf Tournament.

TV Feature 6:30

DonegalTV’s feature story on the Thailand Blind Open at Laem Chabang International Golf Course in 2023.

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to play?

If you require any type of support to play golf, you are welcome to play World Blind Golf tournaments and social games.

  • Legally-blind
  • Legally-partially-sighted
  • Any type of physical or mental disability
  • Vision-impaired
  • Fully-sighted

Note: Major prize divisions are only open to legally-blind and legally-partially sighted individuals.

Do you use different rules?

NO. We use the same rules as regular golf.

However blind golfers can ground their club in a hazard and caddies are allowed to stand in the line of a putt.

How can I start?

Get in touch with World Blind Golf and we will put you in touch with a local community blind golf group near you.