Blind Golf Camp Expense Report

Use this form to submit your documented expenses made during a World Blind Golf camp (or affiliated event).

A World Blind Golf Invoice will be automatically generated when you submit this form.  The invoice will be available for download and also sent to your email address.



Step 1

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Step 4

Complete Expense report form

Complete the form below, adding amounts for each category.
An invoice will be generated and will be sent to your email address.

Email spreadsheet & invoices

Prepare a spreadsheet a categorise all claimed expenses - Food, Accomodation, Transport, Support and Golf
Email the spreadsheet and invoices to

Submit payment

Submit the payment for your total amount to Wortld Blind Golf.
payment information is on your invoice.

Total amount includes all expenses for all expense categories and a small fee for attending the skill development session.

Claim expenses

Submit your invoices for expenses which has been emailed to you direct to your support provider.

Step 1 - Complete Expense Report Form