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Inclusion Policy

World Blind Golf's Inclusion Policy emphasizes accessibility, respect, and fair treatment for all, regardless of disability, in golf activities and events worldwide.


World Blind Golf Inclusion Policy


Introduction: World Blind Golf is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where golfers of all abilities can participate and thrive. This policy applies to all World Blind Golf affiliates and member clubs.

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to ensure that inclusivity is at the heart of all our activities, and that discrimination, in any form, is actively opposed.

Scope: This policy covers all individuals involved with World Blind Golf, including players, staff, volunteers, and spectators, at all affiliated clubs and events.

Policy Statement: World Blind Golf and its affiliates are dedicated to promoting equality, respect, and fair treatment for everyone, regardless of their disability, age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or social background.


Accessibility: We strive to make golf accessible to all, including individuals with varying types of disabilities, not limited to visual impairment.

Adaptations: Where possible, reasonable adaptations will be made to facilities, equipment, and practices to accommodate the needs of all participants.

Support: We encourage the presence of guides, coaches, and support personnel to assist players where necessary.

Training and Awareness:

Education: Regular training will be provided to staff and volunteers to promote understanding and implementation of inclusive practices.

Awareness: Efforts will be made to increase awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in sports and how to address them.

Complaints and Grievances:

Process: A clear process for handling complaints related to discrimination or exclusion will be established and communicated.

Action: Prompt and appropriate action will be taken against any form of discrimination or harassment.


Partnerships: We will work with organizations and groups that support individuals with disabilities to enhance our inclusivity practices.

Community Engagement: Active engagement with the community will be pursued to understand better and address the needs of all golfers.

Continuous Improvement:

Feedback: We will regularly seek feedback from participants and stakeholders to improve our inclusivity practices.

Policy Review: This policy will be reviewed periodically and updated as necessary to ensure it remains effective and relevant.

Policy Implementation: All World Blind Golf affiliates and member clubs are responsible for implementing this policy and ensuring that inclusivity is integral to their operations and culture.

Endorsement: This policy is endorsed by the governing body of World Blind Golf and is effective from [Today’s Date].

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