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Donate to World Blind Golf

By supporting World Blind Golf, you’re joining a movement that transcends boundaries and transforms lives. Your donation isn’t just about the present; it’s a legacy of empowerment, unity, and opportunity for athletes who redefine what’s possible. Join us in shaping a brighter future, both on and off the course.


Be the Catalyst for Change

Your support holds the power to shape a brighter future and transform lives. Every step you take in contributing directly impacts the opportunities we create. To make a direct contribution, we’ve provided our bank account details below. Your generosity reson=ates beyond words, driving positive change for blind golfers globally.

For your convenience, we also offer secure payment options through Paypal and Stripe. Click the link below to effortlessly make a payment. Your generous contribution amplifies our ability to create a lasting impact, fostering empowerment and inclusivity in the world of blind golf.

Your commitment matters, and we’re grateful for your kind support. Together, we can achieve incredible milestones and uplift the spirits of blind golfers around the world. Thank you for being part of our transformative journey.

AUSTRALIA: Donations are 100% Tax Deductible

Every contribution you make to World Blind Golf isn’t just an act of kindness; it’s an investment in a world of possibilities.

We’re excited to share that all your donations are now 100% tax deductible for Australian residents.

Your generosity not only amplifies our mission to empower visually impaired athletes through blind golf but also brings you tangible rewards come tax time.

Your support matters, and now it comes with the added benefit of making a meaningful difference in the lives of athletes while benefiting your own financial situation. Thank you for being a driving force of change.

Donate now and be part of the transformation. Together, we can change the game for the better.



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Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Name: World Blind Golf

BSB: 063097

Account: 46334942


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